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Slide Strip

Standard sizes of Slide-Strips vinyl transparent cold barrier curtains
Height: 53 - 58 - 63 - 68 inches, (134.6 - 147.3 - 160 - 172.7 cm).
Width: 23.75 inches (60.33 cm), 4 strips of 5.94 inches (15.08 cm) of width per curtain.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Special sizes in transparent vinyl and prefabricated insulating vinyl strips doors.
To order your Slide-Strips:
measure the appliance opening height and add a minimum; from 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) for vertical appliances, or from 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 cm) for horizontal appliances.  Measure the appliance internal width of the opening.


Installation Instructions:
1-  If needed : smooth the exterior front top of appliance (A), with a paint scraper or other, to have a smooth and uniform surface so that self-adhesive support moldings  (B) stick solidly on the appliance.
2-  Wash well the exterior front top of appliance (A), to have a surface free of dirt, grease or other.
3-  Peel the protective tape of the double faces super adhesive tape of self-adhesive support moldings (B) and stick them horizontally on the exterior front top of appliance (A).  Beware of CORRECTLY stick these moldings property, because they will be permanently STICKS.
4-  Insert and slide repeatedly by pressing strongly the plastic stick (included) into the groove (C) of self-adhesive support moldings (B) to stick them solidly on the appliance.
5-  Hang on Slide-Strips cold-barrier sliding moldings (D) on the self-adhesive support moldings of the appliance (B)


Fast & Easy product refilling

Pick up one Slide-Strips of the appliance self-adhesive support molding (B) and hang it on the support molding (E) of the neighbor ring Slide-Strip then slide the Slide-Strip sliding moldings (D) on the support molding of the appliance (B).




Please contact us for any questions, pricing, or a free energy savings report


Slide Strip