Sealox is a company that has offered energy saving products since 1988.

Our mission is to help business save money while helping out the environment  with it's simple and effective solutions

We specialize in the industrial, commercial, and even residential markets

With our dedication to the environment and reputation for quality products we are confident we can help your business

Here is are some ways your business can profit from our products:

 Increase your SALES: facilitate the visibility and access to food by removing the cumbersome and embarrassing doors of your closed appliances.

 PRESERVE: the freshness of your fresh food up to a week longer by maintaining them at a stable and constant temperature up to 15°C (25°F) colder, 24 hours a day.  Avoid over packaging and eliminate the loss of your products.

SAVE: up to 2 077 $ (21 000 kW and 21,000 kg of CO2-GHG) or $5 309 (53 000 kW and 53 000 kg of CO2-GHG) refrigeration and heating energy* by foot in width of refrigerator or freezer / 10 years.*(at $0.10 / kW and a equivalence of 1 kg of CO2-GHG / kW saved).

 ECO-RESPONSIBLES: protect the environment by contributing to reductions; of global warming, greenhouse gases effects GHG-CO2 and destructive ozone layer refrigerant gases. 

Increase up to 10 times the lifespan of your equipment.